Does your dog have seasonal environmental allergies?


Like humans, dogs can be allergic to ragweed, grass, pollens, molds and dust mites. Humans’ seasonal environmental allergies are typically identified by sneezing, running nose, and red irritated watery eyes but when a dog is affected by seasonal environmental allergies the typical symptoms are much different. 

What are the signs of seasonal environmental allergies in dogs?

The ESP Test – which stands for Ears, Skin and Paws – is a simple check you can do to determine if your dog is showing symptoms of seasonal environmental allergies.

Ears: See your vet if there’s a strong odour or discharge coming from your dog’s ears, or if it has recurring ear infections. Pawing at its ears or shaking its head may also be signs.

Skin: See your vet if you notice that your dog is itching and scratching, rubbing against furniture to get relief or obsessively grooming. Hair loss, skin lesions and redness are also symptoms.

Paws: See your vet if your dog is excessively chewing at its paws or grooming to the point of removing fur. In fact, itchy paws may be the sign of an allergy – maybe even to the same pollen you are allergic to. Other symptoms include paw discolouration from licking or red/sore paws. 

The good news is you can support healthy skin through proper nutrition.  There are diets available to help support seasonal environmental allergies and other allergies.  The goal of these diets is to increase ceramide production in the skin to create a strong skin barrier.  A stronger, healthier skin barrier can reduce the absorption of allergens. 

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  1. Analisa says:

    Are there any diets that you specifically recommend that promote ceramide production?

  2. Alice says:

    my border collie has environmental gets worse in the summer months…I Found a great product that significantly eases his itching and completely eliminates any flakes on his skin. Holistic health extension is a great product I came across that have an oatmeal shampoo and crème rinse conditioner I am in love with. Has anyone tried any of their other shampoos or products, I really appreciate everything is 100% natural.

  3. Julie says:

    I really like your Skin Support diet for my dog. Without that diet he needs tons of drugs throughout the summer! He chews his skin, scratches and keep me up at night he scratches so much. He gets ear infections and smells really bad! On Skin Support, he is 95% better! Thank you!

  4. NaliniD002 says:

    Most time when allergy occur, long time we enable to figured out what it is really. We can’t understand it’s a allergy and we can avoid it easily. You share great information in this block. It is really helpful for many pet owners.

  5. cel easterling says:

    Where do I get this food?

    My dog has been tested and takes Clairton and that dose not help much.

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